Monetize the emotional journey of customers

Unified AI gives team a holistic view of customer emotions.

Monitor emotions

Streams emotional intelligence and filters emotional content

Analyze emotions

Identify key triggers from chain of events that make or break a customer relationship.

Monetize emotions

Increase revenue from positive emotions, reduce churn from negative emotions.

Superfeel works with your telephony vendors

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Superfeel works with your
CRM solutions

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Facial Emotional Intelligence

Detects customer emotions and micro-expressions in a video call

Voice Emotional Intelligence

Detects temper, valence, arousal and spoken words in a voice call.

Natural Language Understanding

Detects customer emotions in emails, live chats, social media and mobile messaging

Predictive AI

Analyzes the attitude, behavior and personality of customers. Predicts what they will buy next.

Trusted by companies

Emotion AI gives your business the emotional edge in customer engagement.

Power of Simplicity

Enjoy the power of simplicity and user-friendly interface in Emotion AI.